BlowJob Lessons, Drinking Games and loads of laughter.

Rough & Tumble Parties Give you a great night and a (Much)closer Friendship

Parties don't always have to mean stifled conversation, polite greetings and slowly sipping your drink until you're drunk enough to start a decent conversation (or you know, leave to go and dance). Fact of the matter is... parties are hard to plan.  Here at Rough & Tumble, we skip to the good bits.

Filthy conversation, games to get the blood pumping and activities on the ruder side of things, our parties, whether at home or on location are guaranteed to have you laughing or cringing every time you think about them.

Someone always wakes up thinking they did something inappropriate. Our parties are the ones where everyone will.

Blow Job Lessons


Drinking Games


Dirty Charades


Beginners Bondage

Ice Breakers


Filthy Conversation




Light Impact Lessons

Customise your Night

 Pick from a selection of Games & Activities or Introduce your own. It's your Night and we're going to laugh one way or the other.



Hen Party