Why I Don’t Watch TV

We have a TV in our Living Room. Nothing big, nothing fancy. It’s hooked up to a few different things but none of them are cable TV. My 3 housemates live for the TV or the Playstation or the Xbox. 

I live in the kitchen. I read and I write and I research and I build and I plan and I think. But most of all I know if I sit in the living room, I’ll watch TV. I’ll get sucked into the drivel of the day and lose hours of creativity on menial fiction that has absolutely no bearing on my life.

It started as an experiment and is something I’ve worked with for years. On occasion, I will watch a program or a movie with friends or even my housemates but that’s a rare occurrence. I know when I sit in front of the big box, it’s not to pass the day or a few hours, it’s to watch something entertaining. It’s something I want to do rather than a habit of procrastination.

How much TV do you watch? What could you do with that time that could propel your life forward? You know as well as I do that it’s a terrible habit and those that are doing things in the world aren’t using their time to “NetFlix and Chill”.

A quote started me on the notion of no TV. I don’t quite remember it. but its something along the lines of “Why would you waste your life watching somebody else live theirs?”


Think about it… Do you want to live your life or lose it watching a box of flashy lights?

Target: 100 Words

Actual: 280 Words