Why Blog in The First Place?

According to Google, as of 2013 there are 152 Million (!?) blogs in the world. While I understand that not all are active that’s still 152million attempts at starting something. Clearly, there is more behind it. Why else would the number be so big? This blog, the one that has no name, is my third or fourth attempt. Although I’ve done my due diligence and removed the old ones.

But why do we blog? 

Is it to contribute? Is it to feel heard? to feel like we belong to something? To give? To learn? Understand? Grow?

To be honest I can’t answer that question and I don’t have the time to ask 152 million people. So instead of figuring it out collectively I’d like to mark it out for myself. Maybe you’ll find your reasons within. Here are a few of the reasons I deign to blog.


To Have a Voice

I can be considered quite odd by many. I have a million aspirations and wants for my life but very few, in any of my social circles, have the same ideals. People gel with those who are similar. But how many, business building, blogging, french-chic fascinated free spirits are there in this small town?

Sometimes blogging is a way to feel heard. Sometimes, if you don’t look at the analytics it feels like you have a voice and an opinion and someone to talk to about the things that you like. It’s your own personal space to ponder whatever the hell you want. As an added bonus, the screen doesn’t roll it’s eyes at you and say “sure you are” with an air of “here we go again”.

To Enjoy the Journey

Writing, whether it’s posted or not, helps you to look at your surroundings, your life, your goals & aspirations. It helps you see fine details, appreciate what you have and contemplate what you want. Taking stock and enjoying the journey is what it’s about. Writing about it can solidify your thoughts, formulate an opinion and enjoy the little things in life. 

To Grow

The introspection that is becoming a more permanent part of my personality has no outlet. So thoughts just roll around in my head. It’s like a hamster in a cage. Running and running but going nowhere. Sometimes writing can be the best ways to get a notion out of your head. When you have to formulate a sentence and use real words to describe a feeling or reaction it gives you space to move on or grow that thought or idea.


To Have a Hobby

While it’s not the most social hobby, it is something that I find interesting. I like having something to work on, it keeps my brain ticking over. It’s no longer eat. sleep. work. repeat.

To Document

I have this dream of being fifty, retired early but still working on things I love and away on holidays. While lying on the beach I can sit back and look at the blog I started years and years ago and see how far I’ve come. I’ll laugh at my own stupidity and be proud of my accomplishments, even if they are tiny. I want to have something that shows my kids (that I don’t and won’t have for a good long while) what I was like. What I thought about, what I wanted for my life, who I was because let’s face it, we all change and sometimes we forget who we were.


To Help

To date, this blog has had about 2,000 views. I pushed and pushed for those views. Did my writing help any of those viewers? I doubt it. 

I’m very aware at this point that my blog is quite personal but I’d like to think that as I learn new things that maybe that might help someone else out there. 

I believe that we all have the capacity to be whoever we want to be and I suppose I think that if I can do it… anyone can. If I document it, someone can come here, see how I did it, what I struggled with, how I overcame obstacles and start working themselves.

To Speak and Write Better

When you write a lot you realise that you repeat yourself, A-LOT, We each stick to a set vocabulary. I have found that writing expands my written range of words - thank you thesaurus.com  , and that growth bleeds into my everyday speech. I’d love to take part in toastmasters and maybe one day soon I will, either way, I know that my writing will help to no end.



And There we have it. A few of the millions of reasons I like to blog. Do you write or publish anywhere? Why do you do it?