Things you put up with. Situations that nag at you without you even realising it. Actions that are left undone because they’re too insignificant to be bothered with. Tolerations are everywhere and it’s not until you take the time to notice that you come to terms with the fact that they’re everywhere.

They’re everywhere and they grind on you every time you see them. Here are a few of mine.

The lightbulb that doesn’t work on the landing.

The lack of organisation in my drawers.

The piles of shoes that need to be re-heeled.

The camera on my phone doesn’t work.

A wardrobe filled with clothes I don’t like.

You get the point. They are mini “to-do’s” that you never get around to because you can live pretty okay with them as they are and in all honesty, you forget about them as soon as you walk away.

My Challenge for you today is to take a pen and paper, walk around your house and note down all of the things you’re tolerating. No doubt you’ll baulk at the amount of things you’re pushing aside.

Now do something about them. Put the bulb on your shopping list, bin the odd socks that will never find their other half. Get rid of all the “low-fat, low-carb, low-protein” processed shit that you never eat. Take a mini-step in the right direction.

I promise, taking care of the smaller, seemingly insignificant details will make your day just that little bit better. The annoyances, the guilt, the dread just goes away because you no longer have these tiny reminders that you’re not keeping on top of things.