The Laundry Caveat

Laundry, is a bitch. - There, I said it.

Does it ever end? Does it ever go away? Will I ever be rich enough to just buy new clothes and never have to wash them again?

I don’t know about you, but when it comes round to laundry day, I’m more of a quick wash, tumble dry, get dressed in the kitchen type of person. Many a morning will you find me, blatantly birthday suited, in the corner pulling the days uniform out of the tumble dryer. 

Excluding the nippiness (pun probably intended), this way of working the laundry is not the most efficient. Living with other people who also need to use said tumble dryer results in freshly cleaned clothes being strewn in messy, ever-growing piles across various parts of the house. Hmmm.

Do you feel my pain?

Enter, the laundry caveat. The one thing that nearly every mother on the face of this earth probably knows, but hit me today like a freight train to the temple.

You want to know, don't you?


Yes, my friends. The laundry is not complete until you put it away. It’s not a wash, dry system. It’s a wash, dry, put away system. And while dressing from the tumble dryer results in toasty knickers, putting your shit away works much better in the long run.

I'm sitting here writing this, with a smug grin, happy with my mind-blowing discovery, but I’m sure you’re bowing your head in shame thinking “how in Gods name did I get here? Who gave this woman permission to write a blog”. 

But here’s the thing. It may be a minuscule change but I guarantee, somewhere out there there is someone reading this who is thinking “woooaah”.

I’ve just made my life 1% easier. What did you do to improve your life today? huh?

No really…. Tell me.