A Long Overdue Pat on the Back

When is the last time you congratulated yourself on a job well done? Gave yourself a pat on the back for achieving something? Or just forgave yourself for not hitting a target or goal in enough time?

I’m putting my money on it that it’s long overdue. If you’re anything like me, you’re much better at berating yourself, giving out about what a shit job you’ve done. Complaining that you never take action or get enough done in a day, yet you’ve been sitting around watching youtube videos all day.

I want this blog to be a positive place, so starting out with a pat on the back seems like a great way to start. Why not list a few of the things I’ve actually achieved this year and enjoy the self given reward before giving out that in 12 months it’s still not enough.

We’re all new here, but the first time I attempted to start this blog in January of 2016 I made myself a list of things that I wanted to achieve in the year. You can see that here. Some of these things have been ticked off - posts to follow, some haven't even been touched (read - 100 blog posts) and others weren’t even on the list and have been hit.

But by and large, here are some of my best achievements from 2016. (So Far)

I Left the Country

It’s almost embarrassing to admit but I haven’t left this tiny country known as Ireland in nearly 10 years. Excuses popped up left, right and centre. I don’t have the money, I can’t get time off work, my passport is out of date and on and on. 

Turns out I just wasn’t motivated enough. All of the above excuses could have been solved easily with a bit of effort, but it wasn’t until my best friend of 7 years left for Abu-Dhabi for an extended period (read - a full fucking year) that I pulled my shit together. Renewed the passport, booked the time off, saved up the money and had an absolute blast. 7 months later I’m still trying to piece the video together but when I do finally finish it it will be placed up here for all the world to see.

I Stopped Biting my Nails

Have you ever bitten your nails? It really is a disgusting habit, but it’s hard to break. This goal first reared it’s head on my 2011 new years resolution list and has been re-added every year since. This year, I finally did it. In 2017 it won’t be added to my resolutions. There will be a blank space where “stop biting nails” used to live, leaving an empty slot for something new and exciting to be put in it’s place.

I Quit Smoking

While it wasn’t on the original 2016 goals list. I’ve never been happier with an achievement. Non-smokers will never, and I mean never, understand how debilitating it is to want to give something up so badly and being left with a feeling of having no control. Enter Vaping. 

After many failed attempts at quitting I picked up a pipe and haven’t put it down since.  For those of you out there who think that vaping is cheating, my energy levels, health markers and bank account firmly disagree with you.


And that’s all folks. I’ve achieved much more within 2016 and failed at a lot more but for now, for today I want to give myself a small pat on the back and congratulate myself for achieving something. 

What have you done this year that deserves a pat on the back? Think about it and give yourself some props. You’d congratulate your friend for doing it so congratule yourself. You deserve it.