One Hundred Days

What could you do if you dedicated 100 days to something? More specifically, what if you dedicated 100 days to improving something? What would you do? What would you improve?

Karen X Cheng took this idea and created a video. She taught herself how to dance in a year, simply by dancing every day. The video went viral with over 6 million views. Her purpose was to highlight that people can’t just do spectacular things. Time, effort and practice goes into it.

I watched her video this morning and it has rattled around my mind all day. All the things I could do if I improved even 1% on them everyday. How much better I could be at the things I already do and the things I could accomplish if I just started and didn’t give up because I don’t “get it” straight away.

Then this evening, I found an article on medium that’s part of a collection called “100 naked words” (Clearly “100” is floating around in my subconscious.)

After a quick trip to the gym it hit me. Why not combine the two? 100 days of 100 words per day. 

And so a challenge is born.


The Rules?

One hundred words must be written and published to this blog… EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. No particular topic is needed...

Just Think. Write. Publish.


Why not? I have this little blog and there’s nothing on it. Nearly everyday I get a “great idea” of something to write about and then once I start the piece I hate it, so it never sees the light of day.

But I want to write. I want to be a great writer and in the spirit of “practice makes perfect” I think this might just be the start of learning how to write properly…


Todays Target: 100 Words

Todays Achievement: 303 Words