Kon-Mari Goals

After multiple attempts at removing the clutter from my home, I have come back to a base level of messiness everywhere. Using the Kon-Mari method to transform my home has been on the 2016 list of resolutions since January. I have failed to complete it, with excuses abound.

With just over one month left in 2016, I intend to use the life-changing art of tidying up to refresh my home for the new year. 

At the beginning of her book Marie asks you to envision what your home will be like once it’s complete. To write it out in detail, the feelings you would get as you meander around your home. The end result… your why for taking on the task.

In my previous pursuits of a neat and tidy home, I never undertook this part of the task. I would sit and ponder the idea for a minute and then continue reading. Clearly not partaking has left a lot to be desired.

So here it is. Let’s see what happens when a clear, concise image is created before embarking.


How do you want to feel in your home?

I want to feel ease as I move from room to room, not so much an OCD level of organisation but a relaxed, calmness where the items in each area are placed neatly in an organic, easy to find home.

I want to feel, relaxed and re-energised, abundant, luxurious, magnificent. I’d like my home to be a place that fosters creativity and has the space to play all the while feeling opulent and comfortable.


What do you hope to gain by clearing out the clutter?

A curated home filled with quality items that add to my life rather than a space for hoarding broken, damaged or poor quality pieces that remind me of a life I once lived.

A home that has room for my sparks of passion and creativity to grow.


What does all that mean? What does a day in the life look like?

I would wake in my room, a bedroom that looks like something out of a magazine and feels like the finest of hotels. The scent of french vanilla would still be lingering from the natural candles that were burning while I read the night before.

I then take my gym clothes from their designated drawer and put on my trainers that are waiting for me neatly under the chest.

I’d happily float down a clutter-free hallway, slip down the stairs and through a neatly presented sitting room to a kitchen that feels clear and fresh. With natural light streaming through the double doors, I’d make my tea and breakfast in a kitchen that serves it’s purpose. It would hold what it needs to be the heart of the home and no more. 

Clearing up from breakfast I’d begin a quick beauty routine in a sparkling bathroom before heading out the door to get in my workout. Locking the front door, I’d feel content in the knowledge that I’m coming home to a house that needs no organising.

Arriving home I’d head straight up the stairs, remove my gym gear and throw it into an empty laundry basket. Returning my trainers to their rightful home. Pulling freshly laundered, fluffy towels from the press I would shower in a bathroom devoid of my housemates dirty clothing. Each product used would be placed neatly on its allotted shelf. 

Returning to the bedroom I’d make my bed, complete with duck down duvet, fluffy throw, oxford pillowcases and simple throw pillows. Leaving my carefully selected outfit for the day hanging across the wardrobe door, I’d proceed to my vanity to start putting on my face for the day. The drawers would home only the products I love and use. And my hair appliances would be neatly tucked away in a drawer after use.

Mid-day would be filled with writing in the living room by the fire. Completing a sewing project, practicing a dance routine or progressing my business.

Meals would be an easy affair, matching crockery, with new bridge silver cutlery, and no produce out of date. Filling the dishwasher would be quick and simple as it is regularly turned on and emptied.

Shopping or socialising would fill my afternoon or evening, whether that be a gathering for dinner in my home, or drinks out on the town. Relaxing to say the least.

Late evening would be spent in my bedroom, winding down by journaling in my beautifully designed notebook or reading my latest book of interest on my iPad. Removing the days clothes, makeup and jewellery and returning them to their place. 

Before slipping into my warm bed, complete with electric blanket I’d blow out my vanilla scented wax candles and don my silky pyjamas. 

Clicking the button on my energy saving remote would turn off the lamp in the corner and pressing play on my iPad would start a meditation to help me drift off to images of the goals and dreams I have, that don’t include a luxuriously tidy home - because I already have that. 



Have you not just read the above excerpt from my dreams? But in reality, having a home filled with only the things that spark joy would help me feel abundant and free. I want to remove the excess to create space for passion projects and a life that doesn’t involve moving things from an area to use said area.

Decluttering means making space for the new aspects of my life. Photography, sewing, dance, writing and business building. All take up a significant amount of space. Space that is currently being filled with things I don’t need, want or use.


And that’s it folks. 5 weeks left in the year. A concrete goal, a vision created, a system of steps to take… All that’s left now is action.

Target: 100 Words

Actual: 981