Filler Day...

It’s day two of write 100 for 100. I’m just in the door from a 14 hour shift and I’m wrecked. What in fucks name should I write about today? 

Here’s the thing… While I have numerous pieces I intend to write on this blog. I just can’t bring myself to write them half-heartedly. I like in-depth reviews, a carefully crafted story and in general a good informative read.

Today holds none of those things, nor the energy to create one of these articles. So today, in summary, is my first filler day - writing wise. But the important thing at the beginning of this challenge is consistency. Write consistently every day or just don’t bother.

Todays entry is absolute muck but I wrote and for now, that’s all that’s important.


Target: 100 Words

Actual: 132