Feeling Your Way Forward

Follow the Feelings

We're all searching for a feeling, whether that be accomplishment, love, respect, growth or whatever it may be. We buy things in search of these feelings. We berate ourselves for not being people worthy of them. We act in ways that don't feel comfortable to us, in order to attain these flighting moments of emotion and yet, very rarely do we reach that point. 


During my month long hiatus, I’ve been delving into old books. Mainly, Danielle la Portes “Desire Map” and Mari Kondos “Lifechanging Magic of Tidying Up”.

While on the surface, they seem like “cushy, woo-woo” that have no ties to each other they both have similar underlying principles. 

It’s all about how you want to feel. Build your life on how you want to feel. Why are we never told that?

We look at other people's lives and see their superficial success, their “materialistic trophies of grandeur” and think - I want that. So it get’s added to the laundry list of “things I want”, “things that signify success” and ultimately “things that will make me happy”.

We’ve got the whole process upside down. Start with how you want to feel and work from there. I’ve only just started into this process and already see significant changes in the quality of my life. 

So my one piece of advice for today: go read the books.


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Actual: 232 Words