Document, Don’t Create - Thanks Gary Vee

Anybody else love the tough love of Gary Vaynerchuck? His hard-hitting home truths really pack a punch. (jab, jab, jab, right hook? anybody? yeah, thought so) 

Well, Gary helps me clean my house. Not literally but whenever it’s time for a big cleaning session I put on a playlist of his. Some are a few minutes long and others are over an hour and a half. He has a serious amount of content, so he’ll be helping me clean for a while.

Anyway, during one of these monster cleaning sessions, I heard him say “Document, don’t create”. I paused - something hit a nerve. I sat down and restarted the video. Mind. Blown.

I’ve wanted to blog for quite some time. Years. I wanted to put out content on the regular. But me being me, didn’t want to be another regurgitator. You don’t need to sit and read another article that has been copied and pasted from other peoples sites. 

So I decided that this should be a documenting blog. One that tells my story. From rags to comfortable (where I am now.) and baseline to brilliant. And his message is right. How cool will it be in a few years, when I’m living my dream to have an honest manifesto of sorts that others can read and see what I went through, in detail during each phase of building.

Just gonna put it out there Gary, I had the idea before you recorded that video, and I know ideas are bullshit but you’ve just cemented the idea so thanks.


Target: 100 Words

Actual: 262 Words

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