Dear Future Me - A Snapshot in Time

Monday 12th December

Dear Future Me,

It’s 10:30 am. It’s a dull, grey and wet day. The kitchen is a semi-mess because you semi-cleaned it 2 days ago. There’s a gold coloured full-length mirror sitting randomly beside the cooker, it’s supposed to be “champagne” coloured but it’s not. You’re gonna keep it anyway. 

It’s less than two weeks until Christmas, You’ve bought exactly 1 present. A book - for Melissa. You haven’t put up your Christmas tree yet. You’re not too sure how you feel about Christmas this year. 

In about an hour you’ll be ready for the gym. You’re about to start week 4 of 6 weeks of personal training. You’re looking forward to it and determined to eat afterwards this time. 3 weeks of rapidly declining energy post workout have been pissing you off and you know the answer is to eat. Just Fucking Do It.

You’ve been contemplating learning to code swift. That’s probably the wrong way to speak about it but… you don’t care. You have one or two very simple, but complex ideas that could work well on the app store so why not give it a shot?

December is generally a reflective time for you. Which is probably why you’re writing this post. Soon to come are the millions of posts that will look back on 2016 and its contents. You like to ponder at the end of the year and start deciding what you want the next year to hold. No doubt the next posts will include the answers to these questions too.

You’ve just missed 2-3 days of your 100 for 100 challenge. It’s bugging you but you know you’ll make it up over the next day or so.

Your startup is running slow. Finding the right manufacturers is proving a million times harder that you thought it would be. You’ve already spent a good amount on samples and they’ve all been shit. You have one more sample due in the next week and then you’re planning to leave it until the new year.

Work is probably the best it’s been since you started. You’re enjoying yourself a great deal more. College days and a long chat with your boss have aided this a great deal. I think that learning boundaries and respecting myself that bit more has really set the standard for those around me.

You’re thinking that the word for 2017 should be "adventure". While self-improvement will always be a big focus I think you’re starting to realise that there’s more. You can play and test and experiment in ways that don’t involve clean your room, make your bed and stop doing this or that.

You’re seeing, burlesque, sewing, videography, motorcycles, weightlifting, travelling to Bali, piano, coding and a whole host of other possibilities. 

Your favourite online haunts are medium, quora and youtube.


You’ve just finished reading: The Renaissance Diet

You’ve just started reading: Tools of Titans by Tim Ferriss

You’re re-reading: The Desire Map by Dannielle La Porte

You’re trying to finish: Psycho-Cybernetics.

Your "next to read" list includes: 

Secrets of Elegance,

The Power of Habit,

Things I wish my mother had told me