Building the Perfect Wardrobe - My New Favourite Resource

For those of you who have been following along you may know that I’ve started the KonMari Challenge. I’ve detailed my end goal and printed out my full-tilt checklist that I downloaded from here.

The first step is clothes, the easiest one. I’ve identified my problem with clothes and it’s that I don’t actually have any. The KonMari method details that you should only keep the things that you love to wear, or things that you don’t wear but spark joy. Now if I were to actually do this I would have nothing. 

I live in my work uniform, and when I'm not working I have maybe 1-2 outfits that I’ll wear. Getting rid of the things that don’t spark joy means that I literally have nothing to wear.. barring a few fabulous evening dresses. Oh, how fabulous I’d look doing the shopping in a navy, lace, midi, bridesmaid dress.

So this evening, continuing on the clothing front I decided to tackle my problem. I need to fill the gaps in my wardrobe, which at this point in time is everything bar pajamas and gym gear. Now onto the next problem.

I’m trying to fill my home with things I love and when it comes to my wardrobe I’d like a simple, elegant, slightly structured but sometimes messy style that is a version of me that I want to project into the world. That’s what your wardrobe is supposed to be, right? A means of expression, a way of telling people who you are without having to open your mouth.


This led me to think that it’s time to take the proverbial bull by the horns and dive into this world of fashion that I know nothing about. I can do this.

I can tell you what doesn’t suit me.

I can give somewhat of an explanation of the style I like.

I know nothing about pairing colours or hues or tones or undertones.

There’s just so much in developing a wardrobe and a personal style.

I’m thinking something Capsule-y. You know project 333 but without the strict limit. Fewer pieces of high quality that are loved, versatile and fit a colour palate, rather than a jumbled mess of everything trendy.

I can do this… I think.

Anyway, I wanted to share a resource, a blog, that revolves around clothes, personal style, building colour palates and capsule wardrobes - if that’s your thing. This woman, Anushka, has written the first ever detailed wardrobe blog post that is informative enough to keep me interested, explains everything clearly enough for me to understand and provides a good few links within each post to keep on point of her current topic while giving you the option of reading further on her related tangents.

Her blog into-minds is where you’ll find me developing my style for the next few days. If anyone needs a hand in this regard, I highly recommend.


Target: 100

Actual: 501


ps: if you have any other resources regarding style, colour or capsule wardrobes, please let me know. I’m new to this and could use all the help I can get.