A Month Without Writing

A good while ago I gave myself a challenge of wringing 100 words a day for 100 days. In the beginning, I loved it. Uploading each post felt like the day was complete. My number one priority was those 100 words.

But as people who take on the challenge profess, 100 words, on many occasions turns into a few hundred. You never sit down to write 800 but then it happens. These posts obviously take up an awful lot more time and so the challenge no longer seems easy. And I can tell you one thing for nothing, writing 700 words after a 13-hour shift is no mean feat. 

So today we go back to basics. 100 words per day. And wouldn’t you know it? Less than 5 minutes and I’m done. (Now to source the imagery, tag, title and publish)


Target: 100 Words

Actual: 142 Words