How to Figure Out What Your Blog Should Be About

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If you read my post from the other day you know I’ve started a thing. A “me doing my thing thing”. It’s a challenge of sorts to overtly and shamelessly devote myself to my blog for, you guessed it, a whole year. If you missed it and would like to check out the rules of the challenge and join in go here.

Now, having successfully posted to social media twice today, it got me to thinking... What the Hell am I going to write about? If you’re going to blog, you need something to blog about. Currently my blog is rather lacking in the content department.

So How Do You Figure Out What Your Blog Should Be About?

Common sense would tell you to write about what you like or enjoy doing but I don’t really have any hobbies per say. Looking at other bloggers and vloggers it’s clear they have a huge interest in their topic of choice. I don’t know if anything in particular has ever held my interest for more than a year. 

I think I might be interested in photography but nowhere near enough to spend hours each week researching, trying things out and writing about aperture and shutter speed. I like a lot of things but not enough to dive into it’s world for a year or more.  

So I did what I always do and hit up my good friend google and asked that exact question.

Here’s What Google Told Me

Follow Your Passion

Write about whatever you’re passionate about.

Seriously? No, no, really? 

If another person tells me to follow my passion, I’m going to punch them in the face. If you’re lucky enough to know what your passion is, that’s great but for the rest of us out here, we’re not stupid. If we knew what our all consuming obsession in life was we wouldn’t be asking the question. And embarking on a “journey” to” find your passion” can take a lifetime.

What are you an Expert at?

Again, my friends, really? There’s 2 sides to this coin. What if, like me, you’re not an expert at anything? Should you just give up your dream of blogging? I don’t think so... And what if you’re an expert at something you find incredibly boring? You can’t write about that.

If you happen to be an expert at something you like well then Bob’s Your Uncle.. You can stop hear and get to creating epic content.

Write About What People Want

There’s a whole world out there. That could be anything.

So What’s a Girl to Do?

Clearly we have a problem here and if you’ve gotten to this point I take it you’re as stumped as I was. I’m definitely not an expert on the whole blogging topic but this is what I did.

Look at the Blogs You Already Read

Look at the blogs you already read or vlogs you watch and figure out what you like about them. Is it the style of writing, their choice of topic, the angle the piece is approached from? This should give you your 1st clue.

 In my case they fall into a few categories

Simple Luxury

Tonya Leigh at & Shannon Ables at 


Dick Talens @Fitocracy and Steve Kamb @

Business Development

Sean Ogle @

Marie Forleo @

Self Development

Leo Babauta @

Look for a Common Theme

That’s a short list but already there’s a common theme coming through. Self Development. Am I passionate about it? Not really, it interests me but could I write about it? I suppose, if taken from the right angle.

If you don’t have a common theme throughout, maybe list out, things you find interesting or things you’d like to try or MAYBE the fact that you don’t know could be the topic of the blog... You on a mission to find a topic to write about, detailing the different things you try as you try them.

And That’s What Started it

That single small exercise gave me a thread to pull and I developed it from there. The next question was how to take such a huge topic... Self Development and turn it into something I could write about twice a week. I Asked myself the following questions.

What do you want to achieve by having a blog?

Be honest with yourself... At this point there’s no reason to tell lies, no one is going to see your answer, it’s merely a question of understanding your defining drivers.

Do you want to help people?

Do you want your voice to be heard?

Do you want internet fame?

Run wild with this.

My answer is two fold. I would love to have a platform that is filled with information that can help people. I believe that if people believe in themselves that they can achieve anything regardless of their current circumstances.

The second aspiration is to have a kind of online journal, a way to keep track of things as they happen. In 20 years I’d love to be able to look back and see where my thoughts were when I was younger.

What’s the Dream?

Take it a step further. Imagine your blog at it’s peak, the impact it has 5-10 years down the line. Really think about it.

To me the dream is to create a masterpiece of a blog that has a huge following because it is filled with insightful, thoughtfully written, actionable advice that will enable people around the world to live the life of their dreams.

I want to show others the habits, techniques, thought processes and action steps that will gradually bring their goals into reality, all the while feeling luxurious, loved and contented.


At this point you may be thinking that this is all a load of baloney. When I look at my dream version of my blog I think I should start it way into the future. When I’m actually living my dream life. You may have some similar thoughts. “I’ll write about it when I’m an expert.”


But here’s the thing. There are millions of “experts” out there. Hindsight is a wonderful thing and I’m sure their ability to relate is somewhat skewed. You could offer a fresh, relatable perspective as you go through the process.

And There You Have It

A simple process to find the topic of your blog. I really hope you’ve gained something from this. If you figured out the topic of your blog a different way, let us know in the comments below.

My Final Draught of my blogs topic is this.

This blog is an experiment in self expression and development. I’ve decided that for the next year my posts will revolve around setting and achieving goals.Lucky for me I have a ton of things I want to achieve in my lifetime and have spent the last few years devouring self help books. 

It should hit my goals of servings as a place to find actionable advice about progressing in life and journaling the changes as I make them.

Fingers crossed it works.

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