The Me Doing My Thing Thing

Do you ever get lost in someones blog or YouTube channel? Sucked into the world of this person you never knew before? I do it all the time. It fascinates me to see how people grow, evolve and change over time and when they’re truly skilled in the editing department their stories are nothing short of a mini movie.

You see, I want to be one of those people. Who has a vision, a dream, something to work towards and an uber cool way of telling their story or sharing their thoughts with the world. I’ve been dreaming for a while of this magnificent life. Having something out there in the world, that’s mine. Created by me, seen by many and making a difference in some way.

Obviously the best route to take is to use the good auld interbox. But what to do? ... I know the significance of having a blog and I know the changes that can be created when you commit to something full whack week in, week out. I have seen it over and over again.

But here’s the thing. Every time I sit down to write, I toss it aside. It’s never good enough.

 At this point in time I have approximately 15 unpublished pieces stuck in my computer because I either don’t like them or more realistically , don’t believe in myself enough to think that other people might find the information useful. I literally kill my ideas before they have a chance to be seen.

And therein lies the problem.

I want Simply Ellie Coper to be amazing but I also want it to be a reflection of me. I’d like my writing to be real, honest and authentic  and the problem there is this idea that, for both of those things to be realized, I myself would have to be amazing... and I don’t quite believe that to be true.

There’s a lot of back and forth here and hopefully with some post editing I can create some semblance of sense and continuity. So please bear with me.

 To a certain extent I know what I want and I know that by continuing to hustle I will eventually get there but when it comes to taking action Nothing... Nada... Niente. So this fear of being myself and putting myself out there needs to be demolished because, well, what’s the alternative?

So in the name of authenticity and fear crushing I’m just going to say it.

I’m afraid to be myself.

Like, proper terrified.

Putting yourself out there in such an honest way is gut wrenching, to me anyway. It’s much easier to create a brand or a facade to hide behind. But maybe, breaking down this brand barrier is the way forward for my little blog and I. This “brand” idea is literally strangling my ideas and needs to be let go of.

So, no, I don’t know who I am completely. And yes, right now,  I’m afraid to be myself.  But I have the domain, I have the site and I have the idea so the only thing left to do is step out of my comfort zone and start taking action.


So here’s the deal.

I’m making a promise to myself, to you and to my accountability partner(yep, I have one) to commit to my blog for the next 365 days. One Year to see where this little blog can take me. A challenge of sorts for myself and you’re more than welcome to join in.


The Rules


No real commitment would be complete without a set of rules or guidelines. How would we ever know if we were staying on track? So I want to break it down into a few separate parts.

1.Keeping it Real

For the duration of this experiment there should be no mention of “the brand”. Let’s see where this will go if it’s left fluid and maleable. Plus, being open and honest in my writing should create an aesthetic or way of it’s own.

This is really more of a moral issue/idea in that it can’t be “tracked or checked by anyone but myself, it’s up to me to stay true to the idea and stop myself if I try to create some structure rather than letting it happen on it’s own.

2.Shameless Self Promotion

Hitting publish and letting my writing out into the world is the hardest part. Writing isn't the problem but the thought of it being scrutinised is. Self promotion is currently outside my comfort zone so by routinely sharing my work it should hopefully become a natural part of the process.

This is the part with the statistics and you can keep me in check if you want. Below is the Shameless Self Promotion Itenirary. The “SSPIt?” Must be followed to a Tee for the next 365 days.


Frequency: Twice per Week

Topic: Anything.

 Anything at all. As much as I would like this site to have a purpose and an ideal, my biggest hurdle right now is getting over the concept of everything being streamlined and tuned into one overarching theme.With time, hopefully, I will gain some traction and things will fall into place.

Social Media the F**k out of it

Frequency: 3-4 times per week

Platforms: Instagram & Facebook

I don’t really understand Twitter and if I ever get the hang of it I might pop in there too but for now I’m sticking to the platforms I understand. I’d like to do the whole snapchat thing too but my phone is ancient and can’t candle the high tech complexity of such an awesome platform – watch this space.

To conclude quite a lengthy post at 4:13 in the AM

This is going to require a LOT of hustle. I don’t think I have ever dedicated myself to something like this before, so it should be interesting. How am I feeling? Terrified, but in a good way. I’m ready to go all in and hope you’ll come with me.

My first act of Shameless Self Promotion is this...

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