5 Steps to Successfully Sticking to your Resolutions

Resolutions that Stick

It’s that time again.

Christmas day has been and gone. Presents have been ripped open, a mountain of food has been devoured and all that’s left in the tin of roses are the misfit sweets that no one likes. But the festivities aren’t over just yet. New years is around the corner. A night of celebration, debauchery and resolving to never do it again.

We’ll all wake up on January 1st, slightly worse for wear and half-heartedly promise ourselves that this is it. This is the year that everything changes. We’re getting rid of the spare tyres and saddlebags. We’re going to buy that new car, computer, house or handbag. We’re going to stop being so horrible to family members or get rid of that gut wrenching social anxiety.

It’s all been said before and in most cases before Januarys end rolls around we’ve all settled back into the normality of the daily grind and our resolutions have long been forgotten about.


But what if this year was actually different? 

What if, on the 29th of December 2016 you could actually run 10k or were a regular at your local gym? Maybe you could really speak a second language, had started that side business or were a well renowned blogger? Imagine how epic your 2017 goals could be if they weren’t the same as every other year.

Having spent the last while learning from those who have actually achieved their goals I thinkI have it sussed. It’s a mix and match amalgamation of advice from a number of different sources that have lived up to my expectations. I have one simple rule when taking advice and it’s this. If this person has actually done/achieved what they are giving advice about it’s generally pretty accurate. If they haven’t, I don’t listen. If you’re interested my approach for the new year is compiled below.



5 Steps to Successfully Sticking to your Resolutions.

Do a Year in Review

Looking back over the previous twelve months can give you a great launchpad for the upcoming year. Take the time to reflect. See what worked for you, what you succeeded at, what you tried to do but didn’t quite finish. You’ll learn a lot about your previous motivations and drivers and understand more about your older thought processes that can be adapted for the year to come. 

Can you remember your resolutions from last year? Were they the same the year before? What approach did you take? Did you achieve it? If not where did you slip up? Hindsight is 20/20 as they say and can undoubtedly give you considerable leverage embarking into 2016.


Pick your Goals or Resolutions

 There’s a lot to take into consideration when determining your goals for the new year. When deciding, take into account the size and scope of the goal. What are the main drivers behind each particular one? Are they wants, dreams, should or musts? Do you want to lose weight to be healthier or is it purely for aesthetic reasons? Do you want to overhaul your wardrobe to be hip and cool or is it more of a confidence thing?

Paying close attention to what you want to achieve at this point can save a lot of heartache in the future.


Create an Action Plan

Now that you’ve put in the effort to do a years review and have properly thought out the right goals to set for the new year, please don't just leave your goals by the wayside to collect dust. Take a few more minutes to do up a rough draft of an action plan. When can you set aside time to practice your new language? Taking up yoga? Do a quick google of different classes in your area and see what time suits. To really get things done remember this old adage ; Proper Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance.


Make use of mini-habits

This is the first mention of mini-habits here on simply ellie cooper but it will most definitely not be the last. Mini-habits are the crux of achieving your goals, in this instance. Most of the things you set out to achieve will not require action on one occasion. It’s more likely that it will be a string of small habit changes that result in success. 

Deciding you want to train for a marathon in the new year is all well and good, but successfully achieving that goal will be based on whether or not you can create a concrete running habit.

Take Action 

Not taking action, of course, will result in nothing happening. Even though the new year hasn’t arrived just yet, take some form of action. Do Something. Do Anything! What one activity could get the resolution ball rolling in the right direction? Maybe you could seek out and wash your gym clothes that haven’t seen the light of day in eleven months or you could hop online and set up a blogging account. Whatever it is, just take the first step. The rest will become clear as you start to build momentum.

And There you Have it.

A simple enough guide to achieving your New Years Resolutions. I say simple enough because you will need to exert some effort when going through this process and that’s where the difficulty normally comes in.

As I said above, I will be going into more detail in the posts to come and I hope to have them all up before the new year rolls around. That way we can all be fully prepared and start out on the right foot.

Have you any resolutions picked out yet? What’s your thoughts? Are you one of those brilliant people who achieve your goals every year or are you like the rest of us who struggle to keep them going after January ends? Let us know in the comments.