You've Put me in a Compromising Position

beep, be, beep, beep, beeep

We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming for an announcement.

Rough & Tumble is going balls to the wall

I really wish there was a female equivalent to that statement. Labia to the wall just doesn’t quite have the same ring to it.


You guys have been amazing (“amazeballs”) Like really, really, great. Over the last 6 months people have actually come to read my scribbles. Some of you have even stayed and become regulars.

All of this to say I think there might be something in this.

I can’t really find many Irish Sex based blogs. I’ve managed to scoop up the @irishsexblogger handles on instagram and twitter. And the interest in my writing has grown steadily over the last 6 months. So I’m doing it.

Balls. to. the. wall.

More content every week

That means 3 pieces. Monday. Wednesday. Friday. Kind of following my gym routine, except my gym routine consists of threatening to go to the gym.

More avenues of exploration

Delving into kink in more detail. Projects of all shapes and sizes. Guest posts and collaborations. Contact me here if you have a cool collab idea or want to be a guest on Rough & Tumble.

Shameless promotion

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Medium, Quora. I answer 2 questions a day on Quora so if you think your question could help a lot of people, hit me up there.

Sunday Morning Coffee

A weekly curation of the sexiest things across the Rough & Tumble blog and the internet as a whole. Sign up below.

The Kink Collection

Each week, most likely on a Friday will be an addition to the kink collection. Where I take one kink or fetish and literally deep dive into it’s world. Exploring, attempting to understand playing with it for the week.

There’ll be an instagram thread ran alongside it where I attempt to use a camera to convey the concept too. Follow that here.

Photo by Matt Botsford on Unsplash