You're Your Own Knight in Shining Armour

Prince(ss) charming may come but They don’t have to save you.

You’re up to your eyeballs in debt. Your house is an absolute pigsty. You’re currently weighing in at “a few extra pounds”. Your job is so-so. You’ve been single for the last few years and the only person who seems to think you’ll find someone is your mother and your therapist.

I’m guilty of it. I think we all are at some stage. Guilty of wishing our knight in shining armour will trot in on their horse, pick us up, save us and we’ll all live happily ever after.

I’ve been saved before. In fact, I’ve been saved a few times. Sometimes Prince Charming was a man I fell in love with and soon after fell out of love with. Other times my saviour has been my friends. But the best times I’ve saved myself (I’ve fucked up a lot) are the times I’ve shot things to shit and fixed them myself.


They might run you a bath after a hard day. Or cook you dinner or bring you for a walk to take your mind off the piling debt. They might help you figure out how to fix your issues.

Because what happens when your knight lands in on their noble steed? They accepts you as you are. Loves you regardless and helps you fix your problems. 

Here’s the thing though. 

You can do all of these things yourself. 

People have a proclivity to look at things, see the shitstorm and think they’re a bad person for not being able to stay on top of it. That they don’t deserve to be nice to themselves. They berate themselves into a stupor, into paralysis, into working themselves into the ground.

Run yourself a God-damn bath. 

Cook yourself a good dinner.

Bring yourself for a walk.

Ask for help.

Sometimes, all we need prince(ss) charming to do is remind us that we got this. And you do. All things considered - you’re doing pretty fucking well. Life isn’t a fairy tale, hell life isn’t even linear like we thought. Shit happens. It’s how you deal with the shit that makes the difference. That creates the story.

Right now you’re in the failing stage, the fuck-up bit. Your stories right now are the hardship. How you deal with them is your triumph. 

Crashing your car, losing your job, finding out the person you thought was your prince(ss) charming isn't that person. They’re all shit events. But they’re also the plot-line. They make your story interesting.

Your 90-year-old self get’s to see the whole story. Let that person tell your grandkids how you did it yourself. How you took care of business. How you were your own knight in shining armour.

Let prince(ss) charming be all about dancing and sex.

Love yourself, look after yourself and remember, self-love isn’t all about the mushy shit.