What's the Deal With Missionary?... You Tell Me.

So, last week I told you how absolutely amazeballs I think Missionary is. Sitting centre stage in my sexual repertoire, it's safe to say I'm a fangirl/groupie/girl-who-needs-to-get-on-top-more. But it got me to thinking. Just because I say, doesn't make it so.  

As I do, I went out into the big bad world of the internet and asked complete strangers what they thought. Yes, the answers are somewhat biased because my question literally tells my readers that I love it. 

Here's the question...

"We contort our bodies, fuck in as many ways and shapes as possible. We pull, push, spank, grope, caress. Tie each other up, tease, play and torture.


At the end of the day. I. love. missionary. I love love love having my man between my legs, arms on either side of me, holding me in and thrusting Deep. Looking at each other, feeling each other up, kissing (and then some mild choking and breath play)

Ultimately I love missionary. How about you? Why do you love missionary or maybe you hate it. Tell me why..."


And here's (some) of Your Responses.


It feels me more dominant and protective of her. It seems she is fully trusted with me having me all over her body. I prefer pinned down more though.

- Anonymous, Male, Reddit

I love it because my hips don’t get sore the way they sometimes do when I’m riding (I ride pretty hard).

i love it because i can hold him close.

i love it because i can hug his upper torso and buck my hips to get a good hard thrust.

i love it because i can smell his wonderful smell, hear his breathing, feel his soft skin against my lips.

i love his weight pressed against me.. deep pressure stim is great as an autistic person!
— Anonymous, Female, Fetlife

I enjoy it because of the eye contact, kissing, the availability to have my neck held, nibbled, and kissed, seeing the facial expressions, full frontal skin contact, feeling my nipples brush across his skin, and being able to feel his weight on me.

- Anonymous, Female, Fetlife

If you want to do a long, slow, gentle fuck, really make tender love, missionary is where it’s at. You’re closer than in any other position. And as the man it’s really easy to control the tempo and keep the slow tender fuck going.

This exact scenario hasn’t really happened all that often in my life, but it’s part of some of my most wonderful sexual memories.
— Anonymous, Male, Reddit

There's something just delightful about doing something so simple.

- Anonymous, Male, Fetlife

I 100% get it, and I’m so glad other people feel the same way. Personally, I love it because I ADORE looking into my mans eyes while we’re fucking. I love seeing his expressions, I love seeing him think, I love it all. And there’s just something about spreading your legs and being trapped under your man that emphasizes their dominance over you. Bliss <3
— Anonymous, female, Fetlife

It’s been said several times, but I’ll reiterate. I love feeling his weight on me, being able to look into his eyes, being able to kiss as he thrusts into me and holding him as he holds me. I like when he chokes me lightly, or pulls my hair to bite into my neck, and love looking into his eyes when he’s getting close to cumming. But the best is feeling him surrender to the orgasm and collapse on top of me :)

- Anonymous, female, Fetlife

I love it because it’s intimate. To just feel the warmth of woman, feel her beautiful breasts push against my chest, run my fingers through her hair, making out and mostly slowly but firmly thrusting into her and hearing her moans just....ugh it drives me wild!
— Anonymous, Male, Reddit

I just like to see her face when I'm inside her...

Anonymous, Male, Fetlife

So many good things about it: having my hands held down, his hand over my mouth, his hand around my throat, his sweat dripping on me and in my mouth, his hands and mouth on my tits, his breath in my ear telling me what a slut I am, his eyes on me as he uses me, and watching his body work as he thrusts into me. And I can’t forget, seeing the ecstasy on his face as he cums!

I love doggy but hate not seeing the animal look on his face.
— Anonymous, Female, Fetlife

I love missionary (fave is probably cowgirl though) because it is intimate indeed. I love the skin contact, the eye contact, the sensation of her body underneath mine, feeling her heat, having her legs around me, being able to kiss…

This may be my fave for coming. I feel way more connected in this position.

For all those reasons, I love it (while i love doing a lot of other positions too).

S. - Anonymous, Male, Fetlife

Missionary was not my favourite position. It used to be my least favourite because there was no intimacy involved. Just a man, drilling away, on a mission to find his own orgasm.

Having a partner, whether or not it is D/s dynamic, who wants to have a deeper connection makes all the difference. Depending on the partner you are with, it can engage all of the senses.I want to see the pleasure in his expressions, make eye contact, and feel his breath on my neck when he embraces me fully.

Also, his voice in my ear saying...whatever...is so hot to me. I enjoy the feel of triceps and back. Missionary is great in that respect. And kissing. There is nothing better to me than kissing.
— Anonymous, female, Fetlife

It's been the most reliable position to make my partners come, which is really important to me. And the face to face intimacy is nice as well.

- Anonymous, Male, Reddit

Lying down together it doesn’t feel much like anything. I do like all the kissing that happens and wrapping my legs around him. But I much prefer him standing at the end of the bed and being penetrated that way. Even better is doggy. That feels incredible.
— Anonymous, Female, Reddit

That first deep dive and I see her eyes get really big. That’s why I love it.

- Anonymous, Male, Reddit

I love having my man on top of me. Feeling his weight on me. It’s much more skin contact than me on top, or doggy. And I can look into his eyes, watch his expressions and run my fingers through his hair, it’s very romantic. I love wrapping my legs around him and getting him and close to me as possible. I just can’t get enough of him in missionary, I love it.
— Anonymous, Female, Reddit

Not sure if anyone else mentioned this, but it's the best position for me to grab my man's ass

- Anonymous, Female, Reddit

As I said, the answers are somewhat biased. Seems to me like there are a lot of fans of the old classic. Some spicing it up in their own way (which I love)

As always guys and gals, rough and tumble is about conversation. So - yay or nay on the mission-a-ray? Leave a comment below and let's get keep the conversation going.