THIS is What I Want... And not just a man wanking in the shower.

My third favourite thing in the world is reading about sex, relationships and dynamics. Second, being writing about it and first being... actually having it. Hours are spent  digging through peoples blogs, articles and books for inspiration or something to spark an idea. Generally when I'm supposed to be writing my own stuff.

Instead, I pretend I'm researching, get unbelievably frustrated at the fact that I can't write as well or create an original thought and then get too aroused to write and end up in bed with my toy of the month. 

In my latest bout of procrastinatory reading, I came across an article. Have you ever read something and just thought "YES! THIS!"? Everything about this piece is amazing.

Yes, its a story about a woman watching her boyfriend wank in the shower. But if you really read it. If you understand it. You'll see so much more. Just go read it here.

I'll wait. Just in case you missed the link. Here it is again.

Okay. You back? Are you wet? Or hard? Or aroused in any form?

If not. Read it again. Really read it. 

Because this piece is something from my dreams. This piece is why I'm single. It's what I want from a relationship and I won't settle until I find it.

Watch the dynamic. See their relationship sewn through. I'm not saying you need to perv at your partner wanking in the shower to have a good relationship or even a good sex life. But I'd wager you've not felt like this about your beau in a long time.


Why do I like it so much? Let me explain.


Sexual knowledge

They've spent all day fucking and he hasn't cum. Where are these men? Do they exist in Ireland? (Where can I find one?)

Sex is an enjoyable activity in and of itself. It can last forever and no one needs to cum. It's about the sensations and the connection and the enjoyment of each other. It's pleasurable without the orgasm, so why the race to the finish line?

Finding a man that understands and appreciates that simple fact is like trying to find a sober man on St Patricks day - who isn't the barman. They do exist, but they're hard to find.


Comfort Levels

They're both sitting on the couch, naked. They're so comfortable in each others company that neither feels the need to be hidden under the duvet. They don't even need to be in the bedroom.  

Sex isn't bedroom exclusive. Being bent over the kitchen counter, or the back of the couch, up against the wall or on the landing at the top of the stairs. Nearly anywhere can be made a sex appropriate space. But it's the comfort. The bubble of the dynamic that makes it happen.



Their brief exchange that shows how well they understand what turns the other on. Spoken about so casually. No awkwardness, just a blatant knowing of what the other wants and an openness to actually doing it.

‘Can I watch?’

‘You want to watch me shower?’

‘Yes. And maybe just kind of stare a little bit more while you soap up your dick and …’

‘…vigorously beat one out for your entertainment?’

‘Yes, exactly that.’


I love it! The honesty. The finishing each others sentences. The acceptance of what the other wants. No teasing, no "banter". It's not serious but it's taken seriously.



Her lust and love is visible. She wants this man to enjoy the act as much as she does. She's literally getting off on him getting off without her. But she's aware that being noticed could turn him self-conscious. Might make him alter what's happening or how he does what he's doing. 

If you've read any of her other posts (thanks for still coming back) you'll pick up on the fact that she's very much a voyeur. He's comfortable with her watching but she likes to feel like he doesn't know. 



And the details... From the description of his cock. To the awareness of her watching. How she notices his cock jiggle as he brushes his teeth and understands what him bracing himself means. She takes in everything. Notices how he washes his cock with a little more pressure and splashes water over the side of the bath with his jerking ministrations.

I love details. Everything is in them. Details makes sex varied and expansive. It's always the same thrusting motion. But the details make it different every time. The size and shape of his cock. How turned on you are. Where you choose to touch. The pressure of those touches. How rough are you going to be. Is it a lust filled roughness or disrespectful?


Her way with words

Whether you liked the post or not you can appreciate her way with words. She describes his dick with such eloquence. I can see it. I'm wet thinking about it. I want it. She has good taste in cock. "Tumescent." "Chunkier and more swollen" "swollen and red and thick". Maybe, I just have a particular persons cock in mind as I read it. But how she describes it is a skill.

Not once is the word "big" used. It may very well be a full 8 inches, but we'll never know becuase she understands that size isn't an indicator of anything and similarly telling us, her female readers the exact specifications does nothing. The descriptives gives us something to play with. She lets us use our imagination.



The woman is my hero.

She's impeccably expressive even when it comes to the sexual terminology. She notices the details and loves and fancies her man with a fervour that can't be matched. She writes about sex in a way I can only dream and owns it completely. 

But what I really want is her dynamic. Her lust and love for her partner. Years in and she's still losing herself in how much she wants her man. She's spent years honing her wants and desires and they play out her fantasies as much as they do his. 

That is what I want... Man wanking in the shower is optional.