The Size of Your Dick is Irrelevant

Peter* has the biggest cock I’ve ever seen. Ever. It's chunky, thick from the base to the tip and there's a fair amount of distance between the two points. It's a wonder he doesn't pass out when he gets hard with that much blood heading for his cock.

Blow-jobs aren’t worth it, I can’t fit a can of soup in my throat. It’s huge. It’s a long thrust which is enjoyable But he’s a very lazy fuck. Because he’s “got the goods” he feels no need to put any effort in barring the thrusting which has more frequently become me on top. - In 10 years of on and off sex, I’ve never orgasmed.

James* has the longest cock I’ve ever played with. He’s 6′7″ with a dick to match. It’s not the thickest just really, really long. The first he pulled it out of his boxers it unfurled itself as it swelled to full mast. He held my head by a fistful of hair and instructed me to put it in my mouth. I nearly safe-worded out on the spot.

He lauded about the fact that many women couldn't handle his manhood and I never shy away from a challenge. We fucked a great many times that night. It hurt like a bitch. By the 3rd round, my poor vulva was in bits but the martyr that I am did it again and drove home. After that night, we never slept together again.

Niall* has the smallest. It’s thick. I like a girthy cock. We played with positions to get the best sensations. I could go down on him for days. His favourite thing to do in bed? Make a woman orgasm. His hands worked in magical ways.

Stephen* had what I imagine most would consider average. - I’m not good with eyeballing lengths. Slim and decently proportioned. Smaller than what I would consider appropriate for his height of 6-foot plus. A lazy lover, the thrusts weren’t full or all that noticeable. I found myself burying my thoughts into the emotional connection to get off. His hands were skilled and his tongue magnificent.

Shane* had a beautiful cock. In our 4 years together he used it well. Average length and slightly thick. Sometimes I came and sometimes I didn’t. He learned well over the years how to manipulate my body - he just chose not to, sometimes.

Frank* I could sit on Franks cock for days. Slightly larger than most. Not by much and quite a thick appendage. Frank has this rule that he can’t come until his lady does. This is etiquette I can get down with. We figured out on day one how to get me to orgasm and I have every, single, time.

Mark* has a similar cock to Frank. Slightly larger than average and a beautiful girthy width. We fuck with a great deal of regularity but I’ve never come. It’s still fun and I always make sure I get myself off afterwards and that he partakes in getting me off. So it’s fun in some ways.

What's My Point?

Each of the men on the list above has questioned me at some point about how the size of their junk compares. I won't lie and tell them that theirs is the best I've ever had nor will I tell them that theirs is the best type -simply because it's not true.

Sexual compatibility trumps the size of your dick every time. That compatibility comes in many shapes and sizes and there are more factors than one can count that piece it together. Personality, sex-drive, kinks and inclinations, skill sets, comfort levels and attraction.

I’ve enjoyed sex with each of the men above the biggest are the last on the list - if I’m honest. Having a huge cock isn’t the be-all and end-all of sex. Are we forgetting the clit is on the outside and most women don’t orgasm from penetration alone?

Does size matter. To me, not in the slightest. And it’s not about connection and emotions - my ex doesn’t top the list either.

What matters is how you treat your partner and the ones who realize that win big.

Franks cock may be bigger than average but his cock alone doesn’t get me off. His hands and my toys come into play - used in unison brilliant orgasms ensue.

Size does not matter.

*All names have obviously been changed for anonymity and I've purposefully left out measurements because I'm not great at eyeballing length and I'm supposed to be able to paint a picture with words.

Photo by Charles Deluvio 🇵🇭🇨🇦 on Unsplash