The Pro's and Cons of A Younger Man

Older men are hot! In an “oh look you have a pension and your own house” kind of way. Dad bods, 9-5’s and stability, I’m a sucker for someone a decade older. It’s classic. The way it’s supposed to be, right? 

The pool is dwindling though. As I creep ever closer to the big three zero, I’m finding men in my suitably aged bracket are so suitable someone else has managed to tie them down in a marriage. Guy from tinder, married. Guy from drinks with the girls, married. Guy from fetlife, married. Manager at work that I want to lick from top to bottom. Unfortunately for me - married. 

So when drink took the reigns at a staff party and I happened to be sleeping partners with someone 8 years my junior I decided it best not to do anything because, well, he’s too young. I rolled away wishing he was a decade or more older. Then we could have some real fun.

An hour later when he was positioned nicely between my legs all semblance of age and morality went out the window along with my inhibitions.

It got me thinking. Are younger men a better option? They’re definitely more available. Less put together, living with mammy, giving zero fucks about progressing their lives because when you’re young, there’s always more time. 

I decided to dabble a bit further. That night opened the floodgates, my thinking process and the number of available men shot through the roof. I’ve researched, sent out the feelers to those who already love the older woman dynamic. And of course, some hands-on research was needed. 

Dipping my toe in the younger man pool has proven quite fruitful and here’s why.


They’re not Married.

Married men are a pain in the ass. You flirt, you get turned on by his pension, you arrange to meet up and then he tells you the bad news. It’s sickening to get all lust filled and ready to get your rocks off only to have your dreams of orgasm shattered by the fact that he regularly (or not so regularly) gives orgasms to another woman he calls his wife. 

Not a problem with the younger generation. If they’re 24 and married they may not be the type of guy to be hopping into bed with anyway.


They love an older woman.

It’s a challenge. Something different. An experience. We know what we want in bed and we’re not afraid to tell them. Similarly, we’re not shy about telling them when they’re doing something wrong. 

We’re less self-conscious, more confident & more comfortable in our bodies. Now that I think about it, why aren’t we being revered by younger men more often? It’s the perfect set up.


One Word. Stamina.

Sometimes they buck like a jackrabbit. We sex-positive women have enough rabbits in our toy collection. But… When they’re good they’re good and can last forever. 

They still partake in sports. Their bodies recover from alcohol. And with the Instagram lifestyle being all the rage you’re bound to find a few 6-packs - something that cannot be said for the older generations.


They Look Good.

The Jenner Generation, as I’ve taken to calling them, care about how they look. The timing of their birth means they’ve won the genetic lottery. A lot of tall, broad men, with full heads of hair and parents who instilled confidence (my favourite). 

Peeling off t-shirts and jeans you kind of stare in awe. YES! THIS! NOW!


They’re open to experimentation.


Want to try drinking champagne, standing on your head while they go down on you? Very much a possibility. There are no bounds with the younger men. And that's definitely a positive.


THey’re willing to learn.

Younger men are more adaptable. They don’t claim to know it all. Happy to take instruction, time spent between the sheets can leave them finishing the session with a few more tricks than they had before.

Not all older men refuse to take instruction but are more likely to take issue with an acknowledgement that what they’re doing isn’t getting you to where you want to go (orgasm town in case you didn’t know)


Cons - The Flip Side


The tinder generation don’t need to impress. They’ve a stack of matches nestled nicely in their phone. Once they get bored there’s some younger fitter model more than happy to meet up.


Lifestyle factors

My younger friends don’t understand that when you work in a grown-up job you can’t just ring in sick and spend all day in bed. This isn’t college. 

Also, coffee dates are fun. Not every social interaction needs to be fuelled by as much alcohol as one can hold without puking.


The Mammy Effect

As you age you become more adept at understanding yourself. Reflecting on who you are as a person. Watching young guys struggle to come to terms with what their feeling/experiencing/dealing with is hard.

Kinda makes you want to shelter them from the world. My younger play friends have been hounded. Take your vitamins, here’s some cough bottle. I literally spent the whole of the other night watching him sleep because his chest infection was making it hard for him to breathe.


While I continue my quest for the man of my dreams I’ll happily take an ongoing dynamic with a kinky younger guy. I just don't expect it to end in kids and a marriage.

What about you? Have you ever dabbled younger than your years? What did you make of it? And if not, why not?