Stop Giving Out About Missionary... It's the BEST!

Put me on all fours, pin my shoulders to the bed. Use force. Literally push my shoulders so far into the mattress that my neck hurts from the pressure. Fuck. Me. Hard.

Doggy style is fun. But outside of the above there’s not much variation. Throw in a bit of clit play and your sitting with Padre Pio… In Heaven. But nothing is going to beat the classic. Like a mojito, no matter how shiny, you’ll always go back to the old reliable.

At it’s core - kinky or not, sex is about connection. Mutual enjoyment. A pairing. Two individuals doing things that you wouldn’t necessarily do with just anyone. In the bedroom, there’s a bubble of understanding. A safe space to let the walls down and really get to know the unmasked, carnal version of your partner - the one that very few get to see.

That’s the most beautiful thing about sex. The dynamics, the relationship, the raw, unearthed acceptance. Missionary allows for all of it. 



And we all know I love the details. With face to face action, the minutia that would be missed under any other circumstances are noticed. Them breathing in your ear as they thrust into you. The sly smirk of pride as they hear your breathing speed up. 

The hundreds of emotions that flash through their eyes when they look at you. Their body pressed heavy on top of you. More skin on skin than any other position. All your senses get involved. Touch, taste, smells, sounds and sight. Body heat, sweat, groans and pheromones. Missionary is a culinary delight. Lust can be truly satisfied.



Penetration doesn’t get every woman off - That’s a fact. But the penetrative part is enjoyable. The full up feeling of his cock stretching you. The release of lust, of wanting, of it actually happening. Many positions allow for deep penetration, ultimately sex is a peg in a hole situation but missionary allows an intimacy like no other position. 

Yes, wild contortions build trust, and trust builds intimacy, but for in the moment connection missionary is in for the win.



Yes! Always. Kissing should be a fucking staple… Always. Sex without kissing is like wine without grapes. It’s worthless. 

Lust fuelled sex is the best. Wanting someone so bad you think you’ll pull your hair out. Then you get them inside you and you want more. Faster, harder, deeper. Then there’s the passion fuelled kiss. Primal and cathartic. Pure unadulterated connection. It can’t be beaten.

Try kissing in Doggy and see how sore your back gets.



Missionary is an evolutionary basic.  Many get bored with the monotony. Everything in moderation is my motto but as I read somewhere today. “Missionary is boring” is a very uneducated statement. The options to switch it up are aplenty.

 Lift your legs. Put their hand around your throat. Have them pin your wrists above your head. Prop your pelvis up with a pillow. Put your legs over his shoulders. Have him at a higher angle. Have him stay still and have you do the thrusting. Missionary gives you both the greatest amount of access to the majority of each others body. Play with what you want.


So stop looking at missionary like it’s boring. I think it’s anything but. It’s a classic. It's a staple. And with a hint of kink, it’s the best thing out there.