I Don’t Need a "Good" Reason to Have an Abortion.

Repeal the 8th is everywhere. I don’t like to have an opinion on it because a lot of people judge you for your thoughts. Even if they agree with them. As the time to vote draws ever closer, my newsfeed is filling with peoples opinions. I’m happy to say that, other than paid advertising, nothing pro-life shows up. 

I’m surrounded by people who understand the need for women to be able to make autonomous choices about their own bodies. I LOVE that!

Every day I’m brought close to tears reading the real-life stories of women, young and old, who have been through hell, with their pregnancy story. Tales of women carrying their, now deceased, baby home in the boot of their car to be able to bury them. Ladies who had to continue their pregnancy due to the faintest heartbeat, even though the doctors concluded that the foetus would not make it to term.

These are heart-breaking, gut-wrenching, real-life tragedies that hold unnecessary travelling, fear and grief. And they’re never-ending.

No single story can compare to the distress of these women who’ve been let down by their country. No one should ever have to face that amount of pain. The torture of leaving their home and a support system to have a procedure that could be completed here, in a safe environment, but isn’t.

Keeping the law as it is doesn’t stop people from making these decisions, it just puts a strain on the whole encounter. 

I’ve never been pregnant. I’ve been so fortunate to never have to deal with the emotional turmoil the women above have endured. But I know in my heart of hearts if I were to fall pregnant tomorrow. I would terminate. Whether it’s in this country or not.

I’m a sex-positive woman with a penchant for casual encounters. I respect myself enough to meet my sexual needs and not feel the pressure to settle down with someone so the patriarchy can tell me I’m a good woman. I practice safe sex and can honestly say the number of pregnancy scares has been minute. 

But what if?

I could go on for days about the reasons I couldn’t and shouldn’t be left to support a baby at this stage of my life. And pro-lifers could wax lyrical about adoption. Sit me down with an endless supply of pro-life voters. We could argue the science, religion and morality of it all. But I’m not going to do that. 

No-ones mind will be changed on such a strong topic. 

You stand strongly on either side of the line. And if you don’t you should be pro-choice because if you can’t make up your own mind you damn well shouldn’t be making a decision for someone else.

It’s my body, it’s my decision. You not letting me make my own decisions, in my own country, won’t stop me from doing what I want. 

When I get to the ballot box I will vote to repeal the 8th. And honestly, I think you should do the same.

Learn all you need about voting here and check if you're registered to vote on checktheregister.ie