Sex and Minimalism Don't Pair Well

Two sweaty lustful bodies pulling and groping at each other in a passion fuelled sex session is all well and good. Unless you're single and don’t have another body to grind with/on. But does that mean you shouldn’t have a sex life? Should it be boring because you don’t have another? And even if you do have a stud muffin to get your rocks off with, does that mean you’re set for life? 

And if not, what do we do about it?

Single, partnered or poly, we each have sexual wants, needs, desires and fantasies. In far too many cases our desires aren’t being met. We fall into ruts and routines that tick the box but rarely rev us up for round two. 

Sex is fun though. Remember? It’s pleasurable. Enjoyable. Mind-blowing even. We’re one of the few species put on this planet with the capability to enjoy sex and in most cases, we’re saying we don’t enjoy it or don’t get enough of it. That’s a sad story.

But while we’re perfectly comfortable making goals to make more money, cross off a bucket list item or improve our sense of self-worth, very rarely do we commit to improving our sexual side of things.

Somewhere in this fair country of ours, sexual exploration is happening. 

There’s a guy sneaking on a pair of his girlfriends' panties while she’s in the shower and loving it.

There’s a woman tied to her living room coffee table with three fingers buried deep inside her.

There’s a husband fucking someone who’s not his wife in the back of her car and loving that someone wants him. 

There’s a girl shuddering in orgasm because she finally splashed out and bought a clitoral vibrator.

There’s a guy breathing through the sensations of his girlfriend slowly inserting 6 inches of strap-on into his anal cavity.

There are a million sexual explorations happening the country over. People discovering what turns them on and gets them off. Finding erogenous zones they never knew they or their partner had. Building trust, edging to orgasm, wanting, delving, getting, feeling, experiencing. Connecting, loving, sharing, giving, receiving, understanding.

Sexual exploration is amazing people! So amazing in fact that there is a whole “underground” kink community that devotes itself to the exploration of every kink and fetish available. Sexual maximalists, if you will. That’s the world I’m living in now and I’m loving every minute of it. That’s coming from a single lady. 

If you can tell me stroke for stroke how your next sex session is going to go it might be time to inject something into your sex life.

I’m all for minimalist decor and binning the trinkets but when it comes to my sex life more is more and more is better.

Hows that for crumpets when you’re lying in bed reading this, beside your significant other who’s drafting his fantasy football team?