The KonMari Challenge - Part One - Deciding

Setting up your HeadQuarters Marie Kondo Style

Have you ever ran around your house, frantically cleaning, tidying and hiding things before a friend calls over for a chat and a cup of tea? Have you ever had a surprise visitor in the middle of the day and died a little inside of sheer mortification that they have witnessed the absolute squalor you live in when no-one is around? Or have you ever glanced over the piles of junk that surround you and wished that it would all go away so you could live a streamlined, easy life?

I can put my hand up and say that I have felt all of these things, probably in the last week, definitely in the last fortnight. Having descended the stairs 3 mornings in the last week in odd slippers because I can’t find the other half of any pair, my cluttered lifestyle has grated on me more than usual and I have resolved to do something about it.


Your Home is your Headquarters

Outside of work you spend the vast majority of your time at home. It's where you relax, eat, shower, set goals, sleep, create life plans, everything. But if your environment doesn’t foster achievement, well then you’re not going too far. If you take a look around your house now you will probably see a lot of systems that create bad habits. 

If your cupboards are stuffed with junk food you’re probably not going to succeed with your healthy eating plan. 

If your files are all over the place and you can’t find a clients number, you’re going to have a shaky relationship.

If your gym clothes are stuffed in a number of different drawers in different rooms, you’ll spend all your time looking for them instead of actually wearing them at the gym.

When you want to change your habits, the best thing you can do is change the systems that are in place. Bin the junk food, organise your files and keep your gym gear prepared. 

But when you want to make drastic changes in your life, the best option is to overhaul your whole home and construct your perfect HeadQuarters that generate an environment of change, progression and achievement.

I have a lot of changes I want to make this year so a radical alteration is needed.


Enter the KonMari Method

With huge claims of turning the messiest of folk into people who have and keep a neat and streamlined home, Marie Kondo’s approach is revolutionary in its simplicity. There’s no organisational tools needed outside of a few boxes so there’s relatively no cost to implement it. And her belief that your lack of space is actually an over-abundance of stuff most likely rings true in your home as much as it does in mine.

The KonMari Method works based on a few simple premises:

Remove the Junk before you organise.

A lot of the time we spend organising is really just corralling junk into new spaces. When you take everything out, you can see the magnitude of what you own and when you remove the unnecessary before putting things back it means you’re only putting back the items you genuinely need or use. So what’s left are the pieces that you truly want in your home.


declutter by item type rather than room.

If you’re anything like me you have similar items in different parts of your home. For instance, I’m pretty sure I have books in every room in my house. And different clothes spread across the place. Don’t even get me started on paper… It’s everywhere.

When you declutter by room it’s easy to miss the fact that you organised a lip balm into a drawer in each room and actually have 5 different lip balms that you can never find.


massive steps VS tiny steps.

If you remove things one item a day but go on a shopping splurge once every 2 weeks its quite understandable that the number of items you own is slowly increasing rather than decreasing.

The idea with KonMari is that you do the job once and reap the rewards. A severe change in living arrangements should be enough to enable you to continue with the changes you’ve made and be more aware when you start slipping back into your old habits.


only keep items that Spark Joy in you.

This is really the clincher. Rather than removing things that you don’t need KonMari flips decluttering on it’s head and asks you to look at what you want to keep instead.

How amazing is that? The end result is a home that is filled with only the things that you love to surround yourself with. You’ll have a clear, spacious living arrangement and the time and energy to create the life of your dreams.


The KonMari Challenge

I think we all know how important our environment is in relation to our success and goal achievement. A room overflowing with junk doesn’t exactly urge you to start a new project (unless it’s a cleaning overhaul). And if you haven’t noticed yet I have a lot planned for this year

So I’m issuing myself a challenge. My second challenge of 2016. To become a Konvert and live in a streamlined home filled with things that Spark Joy.

The plan is to tackle one category a week. Preferably in the order outlined in the book. Clothes, Books, Paper and Miscellaneous. And just to add a bit of heat I will post about it and video the results. Boom.


Care To Join?

Have you been contemplating overhauling your house? Or have you already done it? (Any Tips?)

January really is the best time to create a clean slate in your home and start fresh so if you want to come along, please do. Let me know in the comments what you’re doing and keep me posted. Might serve as motivation.

Michael Kors Your Future Self & Your Inner Dialogue

Have you ever seen a designer bag, or pair of shoes and instantly fell in love? Have you ever walked around a high end store, feeling like you don’t belong but wishing you did? I am most definitely one of those people.

 I confess, I have a designer bucket list. A list of my dream designer items that I will one day own and cherish. It may be considered materialistic and I’m okay with that but today I crossed that threshold. I officially own a high end bag. My boyfriend now has arm candy, with arm candy... or so I like to tell him.

Buying this bag has come at a very interesting time to me. Maybe it’s nothing or maybe it’s somethingbut I am choosing to give it meaning and I hope it clicks with you too.

Who Do You Want to Be?

Do you ever play that game where you imagine your dream future life and how brilliantly perfect it will be? You know the one. You have the fancy job, big car, loving family, wonderful social life and a mansion to come home to in the evenings.

But then you come back to reality, right? Wrong.

Why would you create this wonderful life for yourself and then tell yourself you’ll never have it? Let’s face it. That right there. The “coming back to reality” kills those dreams, instantly. If you say you’ll never have it then you won’t. Why would you work towards something that you believe you’ll never have?

Here’s the thing though. Whenever I would dream up my ideal life. I’d tell myself that I can in fact have it, if I work for it and then go about my daily life. Now before you run off thinking this is a post about taking action, calm down there Betty, it’s not. I have another question.

What do you talk to yourself about?

How often do you talk to yourself? Or at least think to yourself. A lot, I would guess. We all do. Now go back over the last few conversations you’ve had in your head and tell me this. Are your conversations uplifting or do they really hone in on how bad of a person your are. Maybe you’re a bad friend, shouldn’t have got your job, need to lose weight or get braces. Whatever.

Can you see where I’m going with this? How can you ever expect to get to where you want to go, without a struggle if your number one enemy is you?

You’d never tell your friend, mother, partner that they’re a bad person so why would you tell yourself that exact thing? But many of us do.

Fighting Your Inner Critic

Recently I have been reading a book by Louise Hay. This idea of your inner thoughts and beliefs affecting your outer life is prevalent throughout the book. She presents it in such an easy to understand way.

Implementing her practice however has been a lot more difficult. You never realise how badly you speak about yourself or to yourself until you consciously listen to yourself. But, putting it into effect has created a subtle shift within me. Accepting myself has been rather changing. If even,  just minutely.

Now back to the bag... Two days ago I was once again perusing designer items (at a discount) on When I came across a stunningMichael Kors bag. For once I didn’t start inundating myself with thoughts of whether or not I deserved it/ could afford it/ was the type of person who could “pull off” designer items etc.

I looked at it, thought “is this something my future self would own?” answered “yes” and tried to buy the bag. I’d like to emphasize Tried here. Because everytime I hit “purchase” I was told that there was an issue, Please try again. My bank then sent me a polite text to tell me that there was some unusual expenses on my card.

Unusual Expenses? Apparently I’m not the type to buy designer.

Panic set in. Maybe, I’m not the type. Maybe, this is a sign I shouldn’t buy the bag. Maybe I’m getting ahead of myself here.


I have the money, I like the bag. My future self is the type to own a bag like this. Telling the bank that this transaction isn’t unusual is a way for my bank to get to know my future self. It’s a way for me to take a step in the right direction to becoming the person I want to be.

So, obviously I bought the bag. It arrived today and I love it. Beautiful, simplistic design, functional and most importantly, more me than I ever could have imagined when perusing the site.

The Bag is not the Point

Some of you may be reading this thinking Jeez it’s just a bag, calm down. But if you are, I think you’re missing the point.

No, the bag is not the point, but it represents a shift. A shift in thinking, to a place I’ve never been before. A place of accepting that I can do, be and have the things I want in my life.

The simple fact is, who you are in your head is who you are in life and by shifting my patterns of thought ever so slightly I have accepted more into my life. More in line with the person I want to be. And I know that by continuing this thought process it will bring more and more and more.

What do you think?

Am I Blowing this out of proportion or do you think something so simple can create a subtle shift. Have you any significant events that show a change in your thinking? Let me know!