Does Your Diet Push The Right Buttons?


Think about your home for a minute. We spend a significant amount of time in our home, in most cases years but in many others it’s a lifetime.How much time did you spend researching the location and comparing it to other houses. You most likely checked all the amenities for ease of use. Does it have a dishwasher or a tumble dryer? How many rooms? How many bathrooms? Why did you choose the very home you are sitting in?

We each have a very long checklist of what the ideal home is like. While the house we are in right now may not be perfect (yet) we know what needs to be done, bought or changed. We understand the importance of finding a place that fulfills our needs.

So when it comes to what we eat why don’t we follow suit? Our body is our permanent home. You may be able to compare or alter it, but you can never get a new one. Our diet, the enigma that is, follows us every day and we put less thought into it than we do on what socks to buy for work.

How you treat yourself determines how long you get to live in your body and how enjoyable your stay is. I for one have been terrible and imagine if my body were a house it would be complete with peeling paint, broken windows and missing shutters. But with a bit of effort and care it can be restored to its best state.

Below is the keto convert checklist.  Inclusive of the many benefits of going LCHF, I’m pretty sure you will see why I have chosen it as my new eating style.

Take a look through, I’m pretty sure you’ll be a convert by the end.


The Keto Convert Checklist

No calorie counting.

There’s way too much effort in counting calories. Needing to know how many are in every single morsel of food you put in your mouth? I imagine I would last exactly half an hour. I’d forget about breakfast, jot down lunch and give up long before dinner.

Besides, I’m sure we all know that the whole calories in vs calories out is a farce at this point. Yes, the maths work, but the quality of the calories consumed are far more important.

Eating until satisfied.

Starving yourself? Do people still do that? The ultimate goal here is your health. Sure you want to lose weight but at the detriment of your happiness? Really? Now I know all you amazing people are extremely intelligent but I just love this picture. It really gets the point across. You can lose weight and not be hungry or #hangry.

Great variety.

No Pasta? No Rice? No Potatoes? What on earth can you make for dinner? When you start off on LCHF you most likely won’t have a clue what to make for dinner. But as you continue, your recipe stockpile will build and your taste buds will re-adapt to normality. You’ll realize that your old meat and starch or meat and carbs meal plan was horrendous. And as an added benefit you’ll have learned a new skill... Cooking!

Lifestyle rather than quickfix

People are willing to put up with something as mundane and unbearable as cabbage soup for weeks as long as there is an end in sight. Tell someone that in order to keep the weight off they will have to eat only cabbage soup for the rest of their lives and they will never even start.

Keto is a change in lifestyle. A way of life. While it may take a few weeks to adapt to your new eating regimen, you will slowly embrace it. To the point that, one day, you’ll turn down spaghetti bolognese and realize that you’re a completely different person.

Easy to implement.

When taking on a new way of eating a lot of mental energy will be used. Learning how to cook. What to put together. How to track your macros. How to meal plan. How to track your progress. Etc etc. With the keto lifestyle, there is an easy way to implement things. Slowly.

Because this is a lifestyle there is no rush. If it takes a few months to get everything in place that’s fine. The benefits will last a lifetime.


Drastic & Lasting Changes.

It’s simple really. The only reason anyone ever changes their diet is to see a significant difference. It’s generally preferred if those changes happen quickly and it’s rare that we hope to return to our original state after a few weeks.

Initially, some may come down with the Keto Flu, but upon recovering you feel different. Clearer, more focused, energetic and all with the added benefits of dropping the water weight and a few pounds on top.

Real food.          

No. It’s not necessary to go completely whole foods when going LCHF. But if you’ve taken the time to put more interest into your health, why not only use real food? There’s a real sense of accomplishment when you’ve just eaten a meal that was 100%  sourced and created by you.

Real Food

Little to no supplements.

Have you ever researched a diet that will “dramatically change your life” only to find a whole section that revolves around supplements. Multivitamins, electrolytes, minerals etc. As far as I’m concerned if it were truly good for you, you shouldn’t have to substitute anything. Your diet should be sufficient to give you energy and satiate you on its own. If it can’t do that, well then it’s probably all it’s cracked up to be.

Healthy results.

In a lot of cases, people consider weight loss to be purely an aesthetic result. But it is so much more than that. People have used the resulting weight loss to start a healthy life. Cholesterol has been lowered. Diabetes reversed. Skin tags removed. Heart problems healed. Mental issues resolved. Self-esteem skyrockets. Skin issues disappear. PMS subsides. Hormones regulate.

LCHF is so much more than a weight loss program. It helps your body heal itself. That is something a “diet” in it’s purest form can’t do.

A Drastic energy shift.

What goals do you have in life? Build a business? Raise a family? Travel the world? Anything you can ever imagine yourself doing takes energy. Yet the vast majority of people are suffering from an energy deficiency.

Taking on this way of eating is a huge step towards achieving your goals. When you wake up fully rested, nourish your body and treat it well. It treats you well in return.

Better Sleep


Scientists have yet to understand what exactly happens when we sleep. They understand a certain percentage of what goes on but the rest is still a mystery. What they do know is that our bodys use this crucial time to heal and regenerate itself.

When you are overloading with carbohydrates your body will spend the majority of it time trying to control the damage and inflammation that has occurred. Only after it has done this can it continue with it’s job of healing and strengthening everything else. However when you live LCHF there is significantly less damage to repair and you are literally giving your body the building blocks to repair itself.

So There You Have It

11 Brilliant Reasons to go LCHF. Are you a convert yet? Where are you on your health journey? Have I left out any benefits? Let me know in the comments below and we can add them to the list.

As an aside I do want to point out that I am not a doctor, nor am I a nutritionist. Will Keto be perfect for you? I can’t say. Every body is different and so are your own personal circumstances. I’ve done my research and am hitting up the doctor regularly to ensure that this is beneficial to my health. I strongly urge you to do the same. Weigh up the pro’s and con’s, find multiple sources of information, cross reference them and make a decision that you feel is right for you.