Here's to New Beginnings

All things come to an end and none live forever. Some chapters finish up without you wanting them to and others are completely within your control. But in every circumstance, when something ends, something else must begin. This process is normally referred to as "change".

That is exactly the journey I am embarking on. I want to change a lot of things in my life, both big and small and I am starting with my health and fitness based on this one simple truth.

If you barely have the energy to get out of bed in the morning and complete the mundane tasks of your day, how do you ever expect to build a business, change the world or be who you want to be?


So Here’s to New Beginnings

Starting on September 1st, I will be completely overhauling my entire eating plan from its current disgraceful state to a more energy efficient LCHF lifestyle. Well, when I say overhauling I really mean transitioning because completely changing every aspect of my (bad) diet and (non-existent) exercise program is not so simples and sure to result in failure. The plan is to slowly remove the high carb food and also add in more healthy high fat meals.


No Meal Repalcements

No Shakes

No Supplements

No Single Food for Days Plans

No Quick Fixes

No Fake Foods


Just real food, made by me, from real ingredients that are naturally high in fat and low in carbohydrates. Simples.


Why September 1st?

During the remainder of August I have a few major events. My closest friend is leaving the country for a few years and as such we are using the time to get very drunk and make as many fuzzy memories as we possibly can. To top it off at the end of the month my boyfriend is celebrating his birthday so that’s another event filled with food, wine and an exorbitant amount of shots. Both events come with a hefty price-tag and while celebrations happen (and have to be paid for) all year round these two are the biggest I will come across this year until Christmas so my wages between now and Christmas shopping can be funnelled towards my new priority.

Plus I bought myself a fun gizmo for my new diet and that arrives at the end of August.. Yay!!


So What’s Going to Happen Between Now & September?

A few things will happen – apart from the boozing and saying goodbye.

I’m going to start a little stockpile of non perishables like frozen berries, coconut water, coconut oil, mct oil, tinned tuna and the like.

 I’m going to get into the habit of tracking my weight and measurements. I would also like to keep a food diary.

I’m going to scour the internet for easy but yummy LCHF recipies  to be prepared.

I’m going to start introducing more water into my daily routine.

And I’m going to continue to cut down on sugar... Slowly.


So What Now?

Well, as you can see I’ll be quite busy. I have done my research and hope to post the resources for you over the coming weeks, just encase you decide to come on this journey with me. But in reality.... I'm going to bed. Getting into a proper sleeping pattern is never a bad idea, especially when your altering parts of your life.

So bon nuit mes amis. And I hope to chat to you all soon.