2017 List

For those of you who have been reading through the blog, you know that my action plan for 2017 is to use a compass not a map to guide my way forward. When sitting down to piece together my focus points, I realised I do have a few concrete goals but they’re few and far between.


Here on this page will be the overview for the coming year. A safe place, that I can’t conveniently lose the list. Will keep me accountable and in check for my progress this year.


My 4 Focus Areas

Health & Fitness

Self & Life Improvement

Business & Finances

Blogging & YouTube



Business & Finances

Having actually made money, albeit a vey small amount, from a business before, I can definitely see why I’m so hellbent on doing it. My issue with said business was that I didn’t believe in it enough, maybe it was myself I didn’t believe in but either way that particular tangent wasn’t for me.

This year, I’m delving into the idea world first to find something that has value for the customers, is a viable business and aligns with my values. A big feat but worth the effort.

The second half involves committing time every day to actually working on this project.

The financial side will see me look at my incomes & expenditures, start saving regularly and producing a secondary income... see the first point.


Blogging & YouTube

Clearly, blogging is something I want play with more into this year. But what you may not know is that I also want to delve into the YouTube world. Be more creative. Spend time on another platform. Get out there, create content, meet new people and mark memories and milestones. Rather than setting strict guidelines and targets, it’ll be more of a dive in and see what happens.


Health & Fitness

Again, those who read the blog know that this is new to me but something I’m enjoying and really getting into. This year, I have challenges I want to partake in and rather than the usual lose weight, gain muscle my goal is to feel good and make progress. 


Self & Life improvement

This is the big one. Having spent years researching and reading exploring the world of self development it’s time to take action. So this year will be about actually implementing some of the things I’ve learned and rather than forcing myself to get it done, I want to enjoy the process and reap the benefits, if they come…