Simply Ellie Coopers 2016 Goals

Okay… Here it is the 2016 List of Goals. 

Some to be wiped off the bucket list. Some are purely for this year alone. Some will create a massive change in lifestyle and others won’t.

You may notice as you scroll through the list that a few goals pop up in more than one category. This is purely because the fit in both or all areas.

I’m a fan of being specific. So, while one or two may be ambiguous I have tried my hardest to create concrete goals around the idea.

Stay tuned… as each goal is completed there will be a link through to see what I did and how I did it.


Personal Growth

The Morning Routine

One of the biggest things that self help “gurus” tout on about is the morning routine. It seems to be deemed one of the best things you can do for yourself. I have a lot of changes I would like to make in the new year and I do believe that getting some semblance of order at the beginning of the daycould improve how much I do and get done during the day.


Self Confidence/Esteem/Love

How stupid is it that we berate ourselves on the daily? It actually annoys me how self-conscious I am. It’s rather selfish in all the wrong ways. Why be so self centred to ask what other people are thinking of you? Why not use that selfishness to take care of ourselves and ask what others are doing?

Not too sure how to verify this goal but I’m sure some form of habit will be included.


Marie Kondo my Whole House

I can understand the allure of minimalism. I am drawn to the idea of having a home filled with only the things I love. I imaging it will be freeing to release the need for so much “stuff”.


Start a Second Hobby

Click for  Credit

Click for Credit

At the minute my one and only hobby is Blogging. I’m relatively new to it. For the most part it is quite an unsocial hobby. For me at this moment in time anyway. I’d like to start a second hobby that gets me out of the house, introduces me to new people and either teaches me a new skill or boosts my physical activity.


Be More Social

For all intensive purposes I’m quite a loner. I have a select group of friends who I genuinely cherish and am comfortable with. Outside of that I’m rather socially inept. Meeting new people wracks me with anxiety for fear of them disliking me. 8 out of 10 times I’m more comfortable staying home than heading out. And my natural response to being introduced to mew people is to instantly find fault and dislike them - I know this is a safety trigger, disliking someone before they have a chance to dislike me.

Being more social is quite an ambiguous goal. How can you verify if you were more social? Does Talking to 3 people a month count or is 3 people per social outing more fitting? I’ve decided to break this goal down into 2 different types of goals. Habits and One time Actions.


One Time Actions

Start a second hobby

Attend at least one blogging event

Attend a networking event


Social Habits

Become more comfortable in social situations by pushing out of my comfort zone.

Find one thing I like instantly when I meet a new person.

Read How to win Friends and Influence people and implement the habits outlined.

Do one interesting thing per month


Personal Appearance

Break habit of biting nails.

Pretty self explanatory.


Get Invisalign

Bitch Need Braces.


Start Waist Training

I’ve always wanted to so this year I’m going to invest in a latex waist trainer and a custom steel boned corset. Should be interesting.


Curate a capsule wardrobe

Do you know at this point in time, January 2016, I don’t own a pair of jeans? How messed up is that? If you want a skirt or dress work away but anything along the lines of casual wear is not a part of my wardrobe. 

This year I’m embarking on a clothing expedition. At 26 I should have a somewhat rounded wardrobe. Marie Kondo is the first step and then some research is needed. I am by no means a fashion blogger and have no intent to be but fashion shall feature at some point.



I think blogging will feature prominently in 2016. Scrap that. I know it will. Right now I have an extremely small following but I know of a few people out there who are actually coming back and reading. So now I feel it is my job to create content to put out regularly. Blogging goals are as follows.

Reach my 100th post in 2016

Attend at least one bloggers event

Get featured on at least 5 different blogs/websites

Post twice per week

Play around with video

Grow abigger following on different social media platforms. Not quite sure what a good number is so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Business and Finance

Build lifestyle business to profitability

Quit Job

Start saving habit


Health and Fitness

I know health and fitness goals are cliches at this time of year but as you may have read in a previous post,this year I’m approaching health and fitness from a habits perspective. Instead of extravagant, one time over-hauls I’m choosing continual small habit tweaks to build long lasting changes.

Quit Sugar Addiction

Drink More Water

Eat breakfast Daily

Create Cooking Habit

Do some form of physical exercise 3 times per week




Visit United Arab Emirates.

My best friend / wife for life left me in August of 2015 to work and travel for a few years. Due to time constraints and travel opportunities she won’t be home until August of this year. So if the wife won’t come to you… you go to the wife. 



I hope to one day be fully qualified to skydive unaided. In order to do that you have to have a number of tandem dives and training jumps under your belt. So far I’ve done one jump, in Galway. Wishful thinking makes me want to strive for two this year but at a minimum there has to be at least one. I’m thinking I might try when in the UAE because it would be pretty cool to do a dive in a different country. Could turn into a bucket list goal. Do a skydive in every country visited? Pretty epic if you ask me.

Road Trip

When I think of a girls road trip I envision this. Bikini’s BFF’s and convertible cars. Sun, Laughter and Sea. Now the problems are. I don’t look the may west in a bikini. I don’t have a convertible. I hate the sea and we live in Ireland so sunshine is a bit sketchy… Oh and I don’t drive.

But… The wife is returning home late enough in the new year. So the plan is 8 months to pass the theory test(again), sit through driving lessons, pass the test and buy a car. Then we’re off to Fota Island in Cork. 8 months is a pretty alright goal in my opinion so wish me luck.

And that’s it.

A pretty long list of goals for the next 12 months but I think there’s a nice mix of bigger goals, bucket list items and smaller habitual goals. Some will cost a fortune and some will cost nothing but in the words of mastercard… Making it happen… Priceless.